Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Pinhead!!!So far

So far I have only made we all know Blondes have more fun! i did get some brown hair so will try a brunette pinhead...she will probably be stunning!!!
Watch for her!♥

More Ladies with pins!

this lady is very prissy and does not mind at all being a pinhead!!

Lady Pincushions

More pincushions!!! These are prissy little Lady pincushions....made from
small flower pots...if you have trouble analyzing!! Basically a version of the "Tomato" style pincushion...add some trim...of course she has to have hair..which is the most tedious of the glue sticks to everything and you have Doll hair everywhere!
I think they are very cute...but not sure how many will be made as they are so tedious. But fun... as every one takes on her own personality. Don't pin me down!!!!!!!!

Cassie....teeny little Chihuahua

Okay...I made a big mistake...started looking at Chihuahua puppies...this will be a long-haired Chi....supposedly
will be in 3-4 lb. from Ozark, Mo.....right near our Lake House. Is that a sign??? Bad news is she is $1200.00. I am so tempted but Dory would HATE I am only dreaming...but had to share how cute she was!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

string piecing pincushions

This is a good way to use up small strips of fabrics that may otherwise be thrown away. After sewing several strips together...usually on a foundation of muslin...square the piecing up and sew edge pieces on a backing piece and fill with your choice of stuffing or filling. I use crushed walnut shells...found in the pet section of Petsmart. Sand is another option....or fiberfill...stuffed firmly. A girl can never have too many pincushions!!♥♥

More pincushions

More fun pincushions...I seem to have a pincushion fetish! I think because they are quick and easy to instant gratification which I seem to need. I have gotten better over the years....rug hooking has taught me that everything cannot be finished quickly...but I still love the quick projects. Some of these "tomato style" pincushions are made with silk tie remnants.

Silk Tie Purse

This is a new purse I just finished using John's old ties. At first he would not even consider giving them I said "not to worry"...I'll go get some at Goodwill...which I did for a small project. Afew days later he went through them and presented me with a whole pile of them! I lined the purse and put some pockets inside...then made a smaller bag to hold lipgloss...etc....the top has a drawstring to pull it closed...using none other than the narrow end of the tie. It was easy to do and fun to carry!

Thrift Shop Shirt Bag

This was an idea I found in "Green Craft"....a fun publication that comes out 4 times a year...all kinds of ideas using re-cycled items. This one was making a tote bag from two mens shirts...I found two coordinating shirts from being blue plaid...the other red plaid...plaids are easy to sew given the straight lines. As you can see the main part of the bag is cut from the front of the shirt...using the button up the front with the buttons and the pocket....the handles are cut from the sleeves....embellishments are cut from scraps...I did some saw-tooth trim which was not in the magazine but I thought it added something. It was a fun project!