Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November Girl...all dressed up!!!

This is my friend Saundra...I recently hosted her November birthday...we had a festive dinner..She also happens to be my daughter Melanie's mother-in-law!!! She showed up in her finest attire....bought from our local thrift shop!!! I had to share her charming photos....we think she looks like the queen of the Amish Colony!!!! Especially love the tiara! Nothing but the finest for her 39th Birthday!!!! We had a very fun evening!

Lazy Susan

I recently did two art/craft shows with my friend Suzanne Lawrence...they were both very rewarding...I sold quite a few things and it gave me a good idea of what people were willing to buy. One item that was particularly popular was my Lazy Susan. I had one in the sale and 4 people were all wanting that same Lazy Susan. So I took 3 orders...which are not my favorite thing....but I did it and have finished two...have one more to go. This is one of them.....I am pleased!!!

Wonderful Wool Felt!!

I have to share my wonderful find of 60 colors of wool felt!!! I use so much felt in my crafting....and always searching for the great colors....found a shop in Cozad, Nebraska that advertised multiple colors of felt. My first thought was "Let's go up there in my motor home!! So much fun!....but then when we realized it was about 450 miles....I thought better of it! I went online and ordered their sample pack of 60 colors....got it today and the colors are awesome!!! Had to photograph to show! Can't wait to start using the colors! Anyone interested let me know!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Precious little Logan

I have to share this photo of Logan...he is my son Mike's little boy. He is in first grade and is such a fun little guy. I have been
fortunate enough to have him come to our condo in Florida when his parents need help. He is so easy and loves all my crafting supplies.... I have to really watch my thimble because he seems to love that! He is very artistic....his mother is an artist and of course I love art with a passion so guess it's in his genes!!! I made this little pillow for Mike when my fabric line first came out...10? years ago?? long before Logan was born....now he must have it to fall asleep....how cute is that??? I think I have made other pillow cases but he wants this one. He looks like a sleeping angel with rosebud lips!!!! How fast they grow up!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forgotten potato masher!

This is another item from my sister's house this past summer. I remember seeing this potato masher in her kitchen every time I would visit....not real sure what it was all about but when it ended up in the SELL ALL THIS! room I felt I should rescue it...it must have meant something to her! I brought home and decide to Wood-burn it....well it turned out so cute I wanted to keep but decided I would go ahead and send to her....She just got it and loves it....it was just an old thing she picked up at Canton Flea market several years ago....but she liked it so now it is rescued. Picture does not show well...but it is unique!♥

Vintage Campbell Soup Sign

Well...this is one of those times when you say "You would have to be there to appreciate it!" But I will go ahead and try? While in Dallas this past summer helping my sister clear out her house and move to a retirement community...we were sorting through
the pantry and ultimately came up with maybe 16?? give or take tomato soup cans...full of course. We all got quite a kick out of it and teased her....when going to the store we said do you need any more soup??? She was a great sport about it...even though it was quite a task....emptying her house...deciding what to keep..what to sell...all sort of a blur for her. She eventually got settled in her new place...it is lovely and the things she took worked out so well. I told her daughters...I think she needs a Vintage tomato soup sign...as we all love the old signage. This is the result of my searching online for just the right one...it could hang in her kitchen! She does not have yet as I just wrapped to send to Kay....her daughter. Hope she sees the humor! I think it turned out pretty well!! I may have a new business....Vintage signs!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cow Pasture Housing in the RV!!!

For me the most fun part of it all is the first night before it opens and we camp in the cow pasture adjacent to the tents where all the crafters are. We don't have any electricity or water...so are totally on our own power....generator...water on board...too much fun! Most RV's are early to bed as they get up early to get to the show at 8:00! We generally do the same...about 9:30...only noise we hear are the cows!! They are quite curious as to why we are in their pastures???

War Eagle Craft Fair....Mimi Melanie..Kay and Patty

Forgot to explain where War Eagle is...it is in Arkansas and was first begun in the 50's!!!! It has expanded to where there are many tag-a-long shows...hard to go to all of them but we try! I believe the last I heard on attendance was 150,000 ?? people attend...the crowds are amazing....the hotels full and restaurants have a wait to get in. It basically is in Rogers....Springdale...
Bella Vista...Bentonville...delightful little towns that are fun to explore.

War Eagle Craft Fair....Mimi Melanie..Kay and Patty

Well...we finally made it to War Eagle Craft Fair after a 2 year absence....it is an amazing event....so many people descend on this smallish area (in the scheme of things!).....there are probably 15 ?? different fairs going on at the same time...some very good some just so-so....but always that thrill of the hunt feeling that you may find something you didn't know you needed!!!
An example was when we headed out Kay wanted to go to the Clarion Hotel....I could have passed on that but I found my wonderful African baskets there...so many to choose from and great prices!!! You just never know! From there we headed to numerous others....ending up at Holiday Inn in Springdale...a very good show...next door another good one at the Convention
Center. By then we are all so exhausted nothing looks good....except of course KETTLE CORN!!!! It is so much fun...not sure everyone understands...but it is the fall weather...smells of good FAIR FOOD....the crowds....people watching....a real FALL FIX!
Here are some photos...I forgot my camera but here are a few! It was a great time.....LOVED it!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Madeline's shell art!

I have to share Madeline....my new friend in Ponte Vedra, Florida...and her shell art. She collects vintage glass jars and arranges
wonderful shells on the cork top..the shells being found on the beach in Ponte Vedra. Her compositions are amazing...she puts in so many textures and unusual shells that I would walk right by. The colors are subtle and against the colored jars....they are so beautiful. Tucked into the edges are small chards of sea glass...and you may occasionally see a shark's tooth....She happens to now live next door to me...which is so fun!

Friday, October 8, 2010

photos of Mike and Logan

Mike and Logan

Logan and Mike

We just returned from Florida last evening....were there for 3 weeks....visiting kids and grand-kids. We had a great time...walked on the beach....ate some good meals....spent time with all the kids....tho' it's a busy time for all of them with school and homework. Also got to spend a day at Natural Life with Patti and her ladies who keep it all going. Fascinating and fun to see
the new products! Spent some time with a new artist who will be developing some products for next catalog.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Flea Market Find

Found this wonderful vintage set ....salt and pepper and covered dish yesterday on the way home from weekend at our lake house in the Ozarks....couldn't believe how wonderful it is....very good price!
Found many treasures....a place in Cole Camp, Mo. called Big Brown Dog Antiques...spent over an hour there...how much fun!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Pinhead!!!So far

So far I have only made blondes..as we all know Blondes have more fun! i did get some brown hair so will try a brunette pinhead...she will probably be stunning!!!
Watch for her!♥

More Ladies with pins!

this lady is very prissy and does not mind at all being a pinhead!!

Lady Pincushions

More pincushions!!! These are prissy little Lady pincushions....made from
small flower pots...if you have trouble analyzing!! Basically a version of the "Tomato" style pincushion...add some trim...of course she has to have hair..which is the most tedious of all...as the glue sticks to everything and you have Doll hair everywhere!
I think they are very cute...but not sure how many will be made as they are so tedious. But fun... as every one takes on her own personality. Don't pin me down!!!!!!!!

Cassie....teeny little Chihuahua

Okay...I made a big mistake...started looking at Chihuahua puppies...this will be a long-haired Chi....supposedly
will be in 3-4 lb. range....is from Ozark, Mo.....right near our Lake House. Is that a sign??? Bad news is she is $1200.00. I am so tempted but Dory would HATE her...so I am only dreaming...but had to share how cute she was!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

string piecing pincushions

This is a good way to use up small strips of fabrics that may otherwise be thrown away. After sewing several strips together...usually on a foundation of muslin...square the piecing up and sew edge pieces around....sew on a backing piece and fill with your choice of stuffing or filling. I use crushed walnut shells...found in the pet section of Petsmart. Sand is another option....or fiberfill...stuffed firmly. A girl can never have too many pincushions!!♥♥

More pincushions

More fun pincushions...I seem to have a pincushion fetish! I think because they are quick and easy to do...giving instant gratification which I seem to need. I have gotten better over the years....rug hooking has taught me that everything cannot be finished quickly...but I still love the quick projects. Some of these "tomato style" pincushions are made with silk tie remnants.

Silk Tie Purse

This is a new purse I just finished using John's old ties. At first he would not even consider giving them up...so I said "not to worry"...I'll go get some at Goodwill...which I did for a small project. Afew days later he went through them and presented me with a whole pile of them! I lined the purse and put some pockets inside...then made a smaller bag to hold lipgloss...etc....the top has a drawstring to pull it closed...using none other than the narrow end of the tie. It was easy to do and fun to carry!

Thrift Shop Shirt Bag

This was an idea I found in "Green Craft"....a fun publication that comes out 4 times a year...all kinds of ideas using re-cycled items. This one was making a tote bag from two mens shirts...I found two coordinating shirts from Goodwill...one being blue plaid...the other red plaid...plaids are easy to sew given the straight lines. As you can see the main part of the bag is cut from the front of the shirt...using the button up the front with the buttons and the pocket....the handles are cut from the sleeves....embellishments are cut from scraps...I did some saw-tooth trim which was not in the magazine but I thought it added something. It was a fun project!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Is Madison....the sweetest young lady I have EVER known. She is so caring I wonder where it comes from???? She is the oldest of Patti's ( my middle daughter) three girls. I do not know where she got her caring ways but they are so endearing that it makes me cry!!! Every little person who is born has a special something...but she got an extra-special dose!!! She is gtting ready to turn 14!!!!Love you Madison!!!!!!!!!!
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This was a wall hanging done by my sister Sally long ago...stretched on a frame...when going through my sister Lucian's things we came across it and I sai d I wanted it! I took off the stretcher frame..carried it home to Kansas....and turned into a pillow! I had just re-done my Lake-house bedroom in pinks so it was perfect as an accent pillow for my bed! I do hope Sally approves!!!
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Locker hooking!

This is another favorite of mine...although more time consuming than traditional rug hooking. This is done with strips of fabric...done on a grid larger than the linen of rug hooking. You can use leftover strips of fabric..or dedicate some fabric to the project. You need an exact locker hooking needle and some instructions but it is a very rewarding project. My friend Betty started on one after seeing mine and ended up with a LARGE rug on her first try! The square one in the middle of my photo was done for my TINY bathroom in my motor home...it is perfect for wet feet stepping out of the TINY tub!!! Can you imagine John stepping out of the tiny Tub??? It does happen when he does not want to use the campground facilities! The longish one is a runner on a tabletop with yarn fringe. The smaller one is just a small example of locker hooking. Supplies are available at Hobby Lobby or Michaels...perhaps Jo-Ann's??? If interested try...a great way to use leftover fabric scraps!!!!
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More Hooking with panty hose strips!

Okay...here we go again...another little mat hooked with panty hose strips! It will never replace the wool hooking but it is a fun alternative...I have come across some pieces in my flea market/goodwill/thrift market travels that have been questionable in what they have been hooked with???..Now I feel as if they have been hooked with leftover panty hose strips! Who knows who came up with that idea...but it is a fun project...the strips are a natural after cut into 1/2 inch ?? strips and stretched out...they become curled up thin strips to hook with! I of course color them with a mixture of boiling water....vinegar....and a dose of acrylic paint of your choosing. After mixing all together...you can determine the intensity of the color. Adding more or leaving in the color bath for a shorter time.

Totally up to your eye...and what it looks like. Rinse out and dry on a towel or whatever you have handy. I hung the strips on a grid used for baked goods out of the oven! Stretch out as you hook them. It is too much fun!!!!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mimi's Grandkids at Camp Wayfarer in NC

This photo....my 3 grand-daughters (They live in Florida)...at Camp Wayfarer in NC. They have gone there for ?? years....since they were small. This was the first day ....moving into their cabins and setting up their bunks.They each have an antique Sari blanket brought back from India by their mother Patti. I would guess they have the cutest bunks???!!! Plus all the Natural Life things to decorate with. They are all 3 very good tennis players....note the racket on the wall. What fun! What lucky girls..will be there for a little over 2 weeks.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Collage of Wisconsin trip

Just playing around with collages from our recent trip....
I use the photo-editing program Picasa...amazing what you can do with it. It is free and easy to navigate. Try it!
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Churches in Door County!

When we travel I always see so many charming churches and feel compelled to take pictures. While in Wisconsin I saw these two...one being Catholic....the stone one ....the other is a Lutheran church.. St. Francis is in the courtyard...failed to get the name of church bet feel it must be St. Francis! The stonework was so colorful.
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Door County Wisconsin

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore Dorothy! Many beautiful farms...everyone has a red barn...wildflowers are abundant....the biggest pink coneflowers I have ever seen.....I brought back some to dry for seeds and try to plant next spring. Not sure they will grow but I can try! Read following posts for more of Door County...a very memorable trip!
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Tucked into the woods! Door County

This was an awesome RV park in Wisconsin....each site was like a little room carved out of the forest....very private....also expensive for a campsite. While the fees are usually $20.00 or so this one was $50.00!! But it was well-worth it!
We also got the last spot due to a cancellation. Pine trees...evergreens...are abundant...must be very beautiful in the winter!
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Door County RV Trip!

We just returned from a wonderful trip up north to Door County, Wisconsin..a peninsula in the upper part of the state. It is a well-known vacation spot with little villages....many shops....restaurants. Lake Michigan on one side....Green Bay on the other side. Rather narrow so you can drive across the peninsula in no time. It is very New England like....also reminded me of Martha's Vineyard.
The little houses and cottages are just adorable...as I keep saying they are like Hansel and Gretal houses. The abundance of wonderful flowers are everywhere....many that I know would not grow in Kansas. I guess it is cooler temperatures and proximity to the water. This picture is a little shop in Sister Bay...one of the largest of the villages in Door County. It just so happened I knew the owner....she was very active in the Tole painting days. She is now a designer of Old World Santas...and quite successful. Her shop was well-worth seeing. Wish I could have spent more time there.
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