Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November Girl...all dressed up!!!

This is my friend Saundra...I recently hosted her November birthday...we had a festive dinner..She also happens to be my daughter Melanie's mother-in-law!!! She showed up in her finest attire....bought from our local thrift shop!!! I had to share her charming photos....we think she looks like the queen of the Amish Colony!!!! Especially love the tiara! Nothing but the finest for her 39th Birthday!!!! We had a very fun evening!

Lazy Susan

I recently did two art/craft shows with my friend Suzanne Lawrence...they were both very rewarding...I sold quite a few things and it gave me a good idea of what people were willing to buy. One item that was particularly popular was my Lazy Susan. I had one in the sale and 4 people were all wanting that same Lazy Susan. So I took 3 orders...which are not my favorite thing....but I did it and have finished two...have one more to go. This is one of them.....I am pleased!!!

Wonderful Wool Felt!!

I have to share my wonderful find of 60 colors of wool felt!!! I use so much felt in my crafting....and always searching for the great colors....found a shop in Cozad, Nebraska that advertised multiple colors of felt. My first thought was "Let's go up there in my motor home!! So much fun!....but then when we realized it was about 450 miles....I thought better of it! I went online and ordered their sample pack of 60 colors....got it today and the colors are awesome!!! Had to photograph to show! Can't wait to start using the colors! Anyone interested let me know!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Precious little Logan

I have to share this photo of Logan...he is my son Mike's little boy. He is in first grade and is such a fun little guy. I have been
fortunate enough to have him come to our condo in Florida when his parents need help. He is so easy and loves all my crafting supplies.... I have to really watch my thimble because he seems to love that! He is very artistic....his mother is an artist and of course I love art with a passion so guess it's in his genes!!! I made this little pillow for Mike when my fabric line first came out...10? years ago?? long before Logan was born....now he must have it to fall asleep....how cute is that??? I think I have made other pillow cases but he wants this one. He looks like a sleeping angel with rosebud lips!!!! How fast they grow up!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forgotten potato masher!

This is another item from my sister's house this past summer. I remember seeing this potato masher in her kitchen every time I would visit....not real sure what it was all about but when it ended up in the SELL ALL THIS! room I felt I should rescue it...it must have meant something to her! I brought home and decide to Wood-burn it....well it turned out so cute I wanted to keep but decided I would go ahead and send to her....She just got it and loves it....it was just an old thing she picked up at Canton Flea market several years ago....but she liked it so now it is rescued. Picture does not show well...but it is unique!♥

Vintage Campbell Soup Sign

Well...this is one of those times when you say "You would have to be there to appreciate it!" But I will go ahead and try? While in Dallas this past summer helping my sister clear out her house and move to a retirement community...we were sorting through
the pantry and ultimately came up with maybe 16?? give or take tomato soup cans...full of course. We all got quite a kick out of it and teased her....when going to the store we said do you need any more soup??? She was a great sport about it...even though it was quite a task....emptying her house...deciding what to keep..what to sell...all sort of a blur for her. She eventually got settled in her new place...it is lovely and the things she took worked out so well. I told her daughters...I think she needs a Vintage tomato soup sign...as we all love the old signage. This is the result of my searching online for just the right one...it could hang in her kitchen! She does not have yet as I just wrapped to send to Kay....her daughter. Hope she sees the humor! I think it turned out pretty well!! I may have a new business....Vintage signs!!!