Wednesday, October 20, 2010

War Eagle Craft Fair....Mimi Melanie..Kay and Patty

Well...we finally made it to War Eagle Craft Fair after a 2 year is an amazing many people descend on this smallish area (in the scheme of things!).....there are probably 15 ?? different fairs going on at the same time...some very good some just so-so....but always that thrill of the hunt feeling that you may find something you didn't know you needed!!!
An example was when we headed out Kay wanted to go to the Clarion Hotel....I could have passed on that but I found my wonderful African baskets many to choose from and great prices!!! You just never know! From there we headed to numerous others....ending up at Holiday Inn in Springdale...a very good door another good one at the Convention
Center. By then we are all so exhausted nothing looks good....except of course KETTLE CORN!!!! It is so much fun...not sure everyone understands...but it is the fall weather...smells of good FAIR FOOD....the crowds....people watching....a real FALL FIX!
Here are some photos...I forgot my camera but here are a few! It was a great time.....LOVED it!!!

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