Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mastering the Art of cutting wine bottles!!

After many unsuccessful attempts at cutting wine bottles re-purpose into other products such as
candle lights...containers with the bottom that is cut off...I finally found a device that works. It is from a company called Diamond Tech...Tampa, Florida.. There is quite a learning curve with this device.
When I first tried to use...I broke about 30 wine bottles...(No..I did not drink all that wine...I have to confess I rescued them from our Glass re-cycling bin!!!!) The setting has to just so exacting...if anything moves while cutting the is a mess-up! But I now have it down to a science and so rewarding when you get a clean break. After scoring the bottle all the way dip bottle into boiling water

for maybe 15 seconds??  Then immediately dip in sink of ice water. You should begin to hear a slight cracking and the scoring begins to widen...then the bottom falls off. Voila!!!  You have a top part for the candle light and the bottom for a container. Edges are sharp so I grind them and sand with wet sandpaper until they are not sharp. Now everyone may not be interested in this...but I am having fun....would be wonderful lining your walk in the evening...for a party...a group of them on a table as centerpiece??


  1. Wow Mimi those are so cool! I hope you have not gone through an entire box of bandaids during the learning curve! Great excuse for consuming wine (now and then... ha!) We have a "chandelier" made out of bottles out on our porch. Each bottle has a little hanger type thing inside where you load in a tea light. The five bottles are different colors. It is really pretty when lit, but the bottles get VERY HOT once the candles start burning. There is no way to take the bottle down and blow out the candle, so you just have to let them burn out each time. See you soon... Wednesday I think??? Need to check the schedule!

  2. They were beautiful, Mimi, as was the house and gifts......I was sure the lucky one to pop in and win door prize......and no, I did not already have one so I kept it for myself! :-). It was so nice for my sis to get to see your home and our bunko girls......sorry we were so disruptive!