Monday, May 21, 2012

Recent Photos

It's been a LONG time since I have posted a new blog....what a busy time since January...John and I spent 3 weeks in India in January...incredible experience....more about that in another blog... returned to Florida....spent a week or so getting back in the groove!!!   My son Mike had injured his hip years ago...he is 43...and it had progressed to where he needed a new hip!  I volunteered to be his nurse! We flew back to Kansas City to have his old college room-mate do the surgery. His name is Scott Cook and is quite re-nowned in the medical field. Operation went well and recovery was painful but his young years were a benefit....after 2 weeks we flew back to Florida where he lives and we visit. We also had his little tiny Dog Luli...and my dog Dory on the plane with us....but we made it and as we speak he is doing quite well. Amazing Grace is all I can say for the wonderful advances of medicine and the prayers for his recovery. Some recent photos to share.......!!!! Grade school art is a wonderful poster of children's art done by a friend..great idea to save special art!!   Another braided mat done with
wool strips....however  in the center a design is it!   Francine and Henry are the two doves who LOVE our house and yard... they spend lots of time in our gardens and our porches!!
So fun!    The furniture piece is a cast-off from my daughter...she called and said if you want this come get....of course you have to run right over or it will go out on the curb!!!  I wood-burned the drawers...painted...then painted the whole piece black...I am pleased with it!!! And of course my best
little friend Dory!!!

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