Friday, January 14, 2011

Enjoying the sunshine!

We feel so fortunate (my husband and I) to be able to come to Florida and escape the cold at this time of the year. The main reason we come is to visit two of our three grown children (the third lives near us in Kansas City). And of course our grandchildren....Patti and her husband have 3 girls....Mike has a 6 year old son Logan. So we get to spend quality time with them.
We have a small condo about a mile from each family....a good bike ride to either place. Florida is nice and bike riding is one of our favorite things to do. While the weather has been rather cold it is not nearly as bad as the midwest. The beach is a short block from us and hunting for shells and sharks teeth is another fun thing.

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  1. Hi Mimi! I got your notes on my blog - it is so good to hear from you! I sent you a couple of emails to try all that nonsense again. There must be a way! The shadowboxes are just adorable! I really enjoyed seeing those. Enjoy your fabulous weather... you are not missing anything here! I'm excited to see all the cool things you will come up with while you are taking a little vacation from rug hooking. Suzanne's box = FABULOUS!!! Love these photos!