Friday, January 14, 2011

Something for Suzanne!

Suzanne is a longtime friend who I recently did a couple of art shows with....(grammar??) We really enjoyed doing the shows and may try a few more...She is very creative and has a workshop/studio in her basement that must be seen to be believed. I told her she should give tours and charge admission! It is like Dickens Curiosity Shop! Before I left to come to Florida (to escape the cold)
she gave me a wonderful flower pin....may show in another blog....and 4 wood boxes that I guess she was throwing out. When I got settled here in Jacksonville....I decided to wood-burn and paint one for her as her birthday is Jan. 18. Love the way it turned out. I also dug through her throw-away pile and retrieved a large book of fabric I lined the box with a couple of those....also am working on a purse from the same swatches. "One man's trash is another's treasure!!!! as the saying goes!" I hope she received by was fun to could be a sewing box...button box...I called it an anything box!!!

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