Sunday, February 6, 2011

Extreme Makeover...Middleburg, Florida ...2011

Well...we have had an exciting week here in Northeast Florida. ABC's Extreme Makeover was
in town....Middleburg is the town...a suburb of make over a very needy family's home. The single mother is a teacher and much-loved volleyball coach at the Middleburg High School. the last two years has adopted three girls....ages...12....14...and 18...their parents both died of drug overdoses. This amazing lady had always wanted children but had never she graciously stepped up and wanted to take these 3 young ladies into her home.
She lives...or lived in a manufactured home...the local community wanted so much to help her but when analyzing the home felt it was in need of too many repairs. Unbeknownst to Miss Prewitt...the teacher...the fellow teachers decided to nominate her for the Build of Extreme Makeover. Her story so touched everyone...I guess there was not a dry eye to be found.

My son Mike was one of the project managers responsible for building the new home. The area is beautiful..full of trees...but mostly trailers and manufactered homes...Everything is donated...the builders time...material...everything connected to the project is donated...down to the last nail. My daughters...Melanie...Patti...and three grand-daughters were able to attend as VIP guests to observe the whole process. For anyone familiar with the show it was an amazing experience. There were roughly 3000 community volunteers who pitched in and built the house in 106 HOURS!!! I witnessed it and was just dumbfounded! They worked around the clock. While there as a VIP guest we were fed every day by different vendors...TGIF Fridays...
Chic-fil-a...among many others. The builders were well-fed from various restaurants. For anyone wondering...yes we did see TY!!! My daughter Melanie spotted him and said there's TY!!! I know his walk. He was trying to be incognito!!! Following are some of the photos
we took. The show will air on Mothers Day...a fitting tribute to a self-less lady who deserves

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  1. Forgot to mention that Mike (my son) stayed on the grounds in his Vintage
    Motor did many others...but also staying with Mike was Luli...his tiny Chihuahua....I offered to keep her at my house ...but he is pretty attached to her. She had to stay in the RV as she did not have a Hard Hat!!!