Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wonderful Printers Drawer

My sister Sally and her husband were here this weekend visiting. We always have so much to do...to talk about...to share. She told me about a very recent purchase of hers and happened to have a photo of it on her computer. Long ago we all had printers drawers.....Did You??? Of course they sort of went out of style...so mine is long gone....but in case no one's noticed they are having a re-birth in popularity....a little different this time around. She found this online at a trendy Mercantile store up north somewhere. She (Sally) has always had an affinity for HANDS
and has a nice collection of different sizes of hands. Well....this small Printer's Drawere has a tiny little hand in it....among other unique things. Now I am on the hunt for a small printer's drawer...and some small items to fill it! We are going to Renninger's Antique
Faire this weekend in Mt. Dora, Florida so that will be my mission!!! Wish me luck!


  1. I never had one when they were popular before - maybe I'll try it this time! It would be fun to collect all the little goodies - better yet go through my basement and round them all up - I'm sure they are probably down there! Good luck at the Antique Faire! Miss you! (thanks for the note...it was so nice to hear from you!) Amy

  2. Oh my, you ARE going back aren't you....now you are going to make me miss all those precious little things. You probably have a dozen of them all filled by now! It was 75 degrees here today, you can come home now! :-)