Saturday, July 10, 2010

Door County RV Trip!

We just returned from a wonderful trip up north to Door County, Wisconsin..a peninsula in the upper part of the state. It is a well-known vacation spot with little villages....many shops....restaurants. Lake Michigan on one side....Green Bay on the other side. Rather narrow so you can drive across the peninsula in no time. It is very New England like....also reminded me of Martha's Vineyard.
The little houses and cottages are just I keep saying they are like Hansel and Gretal houses. The abundance of wonderful flowers are everywhere....many that I know would not grow in Kansas. I guess it is cooler temperatures and proximity to the water. This picture is a little shop in Sister of the largest of the villages in Door County. It just so happened I knew the owner....she was very active in the Tole painting days. She is now a designer of Old World Santas...and quite successful. Her shop was well-worth seeing. Wish I could have spent more time there.
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