Friday, July 2, 2010

Felted Sweater Pincushios!

Have a cupcake!!!!! OK.....they are really felted sweater pincushions! The hardest part is finding
the right wool sweater....of course the thrill of the hunt! Look for them at Goodwill....thrift stores..
Salvation Army. Wash in hot soapy water....washing machine...dry on high heat and you have a felted sweater. For the core I use a stiff cardboard tube from wrapping paper?? then wrap the core with widths of sweater until you have several layers that will be for the pins. You then zig-zag
the edges of smaller cuts(1"??) ....this will ruffle the edges...making a flower. I use two flowers being smaller. Tie a knot with a piece of cut sweater for the center. A piece of felt cut to size covers the bottom raw edges! Leaves are cut from green felt or green sweater if you prefer leaves.
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