Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Hooking with panty hose strips! we go again...another little mat hooked with panty hose strips! It will never replace the wool hooking but it is a fun alternative...I have come across some pieces in my flea market/goodwill/thrift market travels that have been questionable in what they have been hooked with???..Now I feel as if they have been hooked with leftover panty hose strips! Who knows who came up with that idea...but it is a fun project...the strips are a natural after cut into 1/2 inch ?? strips and stretched out...they become curled up thin strips to hook with! I of course color them with a mixture of boiling water....vinegar....and a dose of acrylic paint of your choosing. After mixing all can determine the intensity of the color. Adding more or leaving in the color bath for a shorter time.

Totally up to your eye...and what it looks like. Rinse out and dry on a towel or whatever you have handy. I hung the strips on a grid used for baked goods out of the oven! Stretch out as you hook them. It is too much fun!!!!
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