Thursday, November 18, 2010

Precious little Logan

I have to share this photo of Logan...he is my son Mike's little boy. He is in first grade and is such a fun little guy. I have been
fortunate enough to have him come to our condo in Florida when his parents need help. He is so easy and loves all my crafting supplies.... I have to really watch my thimble because he seems to love that! He is very artistic....his mother is an artist and of course I love art with a passion so guess it's in his genes!!! I made this little pillow for Mike when my fabric line first came out...10? years ago?? long before Logan was he must have it to fall cute is that??? I think I have made other pillow cases but he wants this one. He looks like a sleeping angel with rosebud lips!!!! How fast they grow up!

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  1. Hi Mimi, Logan is precious. I have read your blog a number of times but finally signed on as a follower and also invited my artist friend Melissa to join. You are such an inspiration. I took a bookbinding class. I'll share details next time I see you. Happy Holidays, Diane