Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vintage Campbell Soup Sign

Well...this is one of those times when you say "You would have to be there to appreciate it!" But I will go ahead and try? While in Dallas this past summer helping my sister clear out her house and move to a retirement community...we were sorting through
the pantry and ultimately came up with maybe 16?? give or take tomato soup cans...full of course. We all got quite a kick out of it and teased her....when going to the store we said do you need any more soup??? She was a great sport about it...even though it was quite a task....emptying her house...deciding what to keep..what to sell...all sort of a blur for her. She eventually got settled in her new is lovely and the things she took worked out so well. I told her daughters...I think she needs a Vintage tomato soup we all love the old signage. This is the result of my searching online for just the right could hang in her kitchen! She does not have yet as I just wrapped to send to Kay....her daughter. Hope she sees the humor! I think it turned out pretty well!! I may have a new business....Vintage signs!!!

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