Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heading Home!!!

Well....I have been in Dallas for 3 weeks helping my sister. She is moving July 1 to her wonderful retirement facility. She is all packed up....having chosen the pieces of furniture she will take. It is going to be the cutest....coziest place with all her favorite much easier for her to love in and care for. Pictured is her house where they have lived for 34 years. It is a charming colonial...this photo happened to be this past winter when it snowed...a rare happening in Dallas.

I am leaving tomorrow to head back to Kansas...must say I am homesick...even though I
have had such a good time with all the family. There is always a party when you are at the Kielys! Wish I could see everything all put together...but I will just have to come back

I am bringing back a wonderful antique slipper chair...Lucian has had it for mother bought it I think before I was born...for $1.00!!! Will try to post it when I get back to Kansas. Also many treasures that Lucian could not take with her. Her children are taking many thins...then the estate sale...should be an awesome one!

Till later !!!

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