Sunday, June 27, 2010

My wonderful "scrap" rug!

This rug has a story if it could talk...since it can't I will tell it. My friend Amy from rug hooking made one sort of like this...only bigger...all from leftover wool strips from other projects. (You end up with many of these!) I of course said I have to do that, bought my linen...drew my grids and started right in.
I think I had 3 squares done and just could not get to it...who knows why?
Time passed and it was time for our Christmas party...which I had here at my house for Anita...our teacher. Amy spotted my forlorn forgotten rug and generously offered to take it and finish! I was floored but said oh! I could NOT let you do that!. As we were getting ready to leave for Florida I kept looking at my poor rug....grabbed a box and all the wool scraps...sealed and mailed to Amy in Lawrence. Then I quickly left town!

We were in Florida till mid-march....and I think on my first or second class after being back...Anita said Amy has a presentation to make...She walked over to me and unrolled my wonderful rug....I get teary-eyed just saying it. There it was...
all perfect shape. I guess I was speechless!. She shared that at their Barn Retreat in January she passed around and had several others complete a square. What a wonderful gift...I love it! I put it at our back we do not use that often...but it shows from the kitchen. Thank you Amy!!!!
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