Sunday, June 13, 2010

Staying with sister

I am in Dallas....staying with Lucian older sister....she fell and broke her arm and is recovering...but needs some help as two years ago she had a slight stroke. She will regain her strength...but in the meantime needs some help with different tasks. We are hving fun in spite of the other sister Sally was here all this past week and we helped organizing Lucian's household belongings as she is moving to a Sr. Citizen
apartment July 6... We visited her new home and it is LOVELY! Two bedroom ....2 bath..with a small kitchen and good-sized living room. She will have breakfast and dinner every day and the common areas are just beautiful. We all decided we want to move in!

Next was the task of sorting through all her belongings and furniture....tagging what she will take...and the rest for her children to sort through and of course I found some treasures that I will be taking home. They
(she and her husband) have lived here in the same house for 34 years so there are many treasures!
Of course we had to go shopping.....found her a 60" round table at Horchow Finale...beautiful table with somewaht fluted edges....Sally bought it for her subtle generous way....then on to Weir's...a fabulous
furniture store....where we found some lovely upholstered ...fairly high back chairs...very comfortable. So there will be 4 of those. We also found a charming dressing she will need that to sit at in her
alcove to put on is creme-colored with accents of pink...I brought the chair home so I can put
touches of floral painting on the back of the chair... It is a wonderful set...very feminine. When I finish I will
photograph and post on my blog!
After all the children (7 0f them!) take what they want....there will be an estate sale...and the house put on the market.

Sally and her husband Glenn left this morning to return to Tampa..sad to see them was like a sorority....we three sisters having fun together and talking about old-times. Sally is so good at planning placement of furniture...measuring...deciding what will go where.
This has truly been a glimpse into the future for me....a sad but necessary part of life where you break up your home and move to a simpler place. I think Lucian will be very happy....but it is difficult at the same time. Of course I have been crafting in any spare time....making pincushions...wood-burning a stool I found in the garage...I even made a wonderful bag that Sally helped me with....for my new KINDLE!!!
Sally gave me one!!! I was so embarassed...what a gift! I have not had time to use it yeat...but THE HELP is already downloaded on it!
I am blessed to have two wonderful sisters..there were 4 of us but my oldest sister Eleanor died about 5 years ago. We all have fabulous memories.

Guess that is for now...but want to share some more photos in my next post.It is very hot here...was 105 the other day!

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  1. Hi Mimi! Your trip sounds wonderful and a bit emotional too. We missed you at rug hooking and look forward to our next get-together in Anita's basement. You will love "The Help". It is one of my recent favorites. Home safe!!!

  2. Hi Mother! Love your blog-and especially the blog picture with Dory. Can't believe you got a KINDLE! Very nifty. Sounds like you are getting things ready to make her place cute. I really think she will love it once she is settled. As friendly as she is she will be the "popular girl" all over again! I was sorry to miss out on all the girl talk-I hate to miss any of the fun chaos there. I am sorry to hear about the temperature there as I know you probably look like you did the day you went into JAX goodwill store!!! ha ha Let's talk soon-I am home again.....Oh goodness-I don't have any account to post this comment so it will say it's coming from Ray!!!!