Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little hooked Mat! Flea Market find

This was a fun project that I have had tucked in the back of my mind for several months. In one of our hooking classes....Anita...our teacher...showed us some alternative items to hook with....one being cut strips of panty hose. While I was in Dallas with my sister....we cleaned out her dresser and one of her drawers had at least 30 ?? pair of hose. She did not want so of course I brought home. I have not had much experience with dyeing wool or anything else but surmised that anything with pigment would work so experimented with acrylic paint....I know once on y CLOTHES...it never comes off. It was successful so I dyed some lighter ones...rose....green...deeper colors of each...then cut the srips about 3/4 inch wide...across the leg. The mat is 6" wide..however I added the scalloped wool under-mat to make it "more important" ! It is now 8" in diameter.

It was a bit tedious...the strips stretch as you pull through so you must pull higher than with wool then they spring back. The black background is black hose...not dyed. I believe it took perhaps 1 total pair to hook this.

The other photo...(more photos to follow) is a Goodwill find....a Wonderful!! cross-stitch ...darling little red cottage...was framed
in a n ugly frame and mat..I almost overlooked...but I re-framed and it is great!
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